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* The Price Quoted is for 50# paper. Some Binding types, and full color page printing may require a heavier weight or stronger paper. Con tact us for a quote.

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The prices below are for a standard 8.5"x5.5" Portrait Book with 100 pages of print

Apollo DiggyPod 48 Hour Books Lightning Press
Binding Book QTY BW/Color BW/Color BW/Color BW/Color
Hardcover 25 $8.26/$10.30 $16.75/$24.25 $17.35/$36.00 $18.27/$27.22
Paperback 25 $3.51/$5.55 $6.66/$14.26 $7.35/$26.05 $9.17/$13.48
Hardcover 50 $8.01/$10.05 $14.27/$21.79 $14.95/$28.45 $13.81/$18.67
Paperback 50 $3.26/$5.30 $4.38/$11.90 $4.95/$18.45 $5.56/$10.44
Hardcover 100 $7.76/$9.80 $12.94/$18.16 $13.95/$25.00 $12.45/$17.71
Paperback 100 $3.01/$5.05 $3.44/$8.66 $3.75/$15.00 $3.74/$11.48
*Lightning Press charges and additional $89.00 for a PDF Proof that is included in the price per book.

*There is a one time printing setup fee of $45.00 this fee is waived if we design your cover and format the internal pages of your book. Never be stuck with out of date material you can submit changes to your manuscript at any time, interior change fee $30.00, cover change fee $30.00

Contact us for a free MS Word (.docx) template for your interior. We can also provide you with book cover dimensions and spine width.

All books are printed in the USA. We can ship to almost any country.

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